Looking to add a battery or be off-grid?

Here are two examples; a hybrid solution that is still tied to the grid but stores the extra energy that has been generated, and a complete off-grid, battery solution.

Grid-tied with battery storage for excuss energy From…


Entry level hybrid including GST

grid-tied with larger battery storage and increased solar capacity From…


Large hybrid
including GST

  • 28 x Trina Solar Panels
  • Sungrow 10kW single phase inverter, a multi functional battery solution, with a maximum output of 10kW allowing larger appliances or more loads to be placed on backup
  • 9.6kWh of battery storage with the option to connect up to 25.6 kWh of batteries to the Sungrow inverter
  • Online generation and consumption monitoring
  • Full installation, co-ordination with your lines company, compliance, final inspection, and after installation support
  • Product Warranties, plus 5 year Installation Warranty
  • Data Sheet SBR096/128/160/192/224/256
  • Data Sheet SG5.0/SG8.0/10RS-ADA
  • Data Sheet Vertex S Panels

standalone, complete battery solution From…


including GST


Living on a lifestyle property with two houses on it, both with young families of four members each, and a home business, it was costing us on average $420 per month and with the cost of electricity set to increase we knew it was time to make the change to solar power. We now pay on average $150 as we are still on mains supply for night time. Our next move is to invest in batteries so that we can be totally of the grid.

We found Ashley and his team very professional and knowledgeable about solar systems, and we would highly recommend using them.


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