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The time is right

Solar technology has become more affordable, and electricity costs keep trending up. Plus, our solar systems will connect to any battery either now, or further down the track.

Solar Panels

System sizes, savings examples and prices.

Installation Process

5 steps so you know what to expect.

Commercial Solar

For a vast number of industries.

Your Roof

Your Home. So make sure the Solar Panels that are installed on your roof are worthy of being there for years.

The team with over 3,000 installations under their belt

We install solar panels and systems for some top companies you may have heard of. But you can also speak to us directly.

Solar Panels installed by Specialists

Solar panels not only produce your own, clean energy, but they’re an investment. That investment needs to be solid, with solar panels that are durable, and will continue to perform for years to come.

Large Scale Commercial Experience

Not just homes by any means. Businesses, schools, libraries and industrial installations (including solar farms in Samoa). There’s a good chance we’ve done a few jobs similar to yours.

Licensed Distributor of Solar Battery Products

SCS brings Alpha ESS Storion battery products to NZ. Of German design, the solar battery storage solutions offer superb performance.


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Solar Battery Storage is here!

Of German design, Alpha ESS Storion solutions offer superb performance over a long lifetime, and offer both hybrid and off-grid systems.


Advanced turn key lithium battery storage systems


Visual interface for intelligent energy management


Self sufficient


Long lifespan


Compatible with new installations and retrofits

Are you up for it?

Super City Solar is experiencing huge growth. Not only are we expanding our own team, but we are looking for like minded businesses to work with us as part of a specially developed SCS Partner Programme. You’ll receive training, leads, and access to products and online tools we’ve developed.

Working alongside the best in the energy sector

Proud to work on jobs in NZ and abroad with these guys.

About SCS

With 18 years of direct experience in the solar and electrical industry, we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and have learnt how to stand out from the rest. From our Warkworth base in Rodney, we have become the go to solar and electrical installation company to a number of NZ's major electricity retailers, generation companies, corporates and retailers in the solar and electrical industry. 45,000+ solar panels installed... and counting!