Passionate about energy

Founder Ashley Jones left Mahurangi in 2003 as a qualified (and much younger!) electrician and returned some years later with insights into the energy sector from France, Britain, Australia and Samoa.

“In Samoa, they used noisy diesel generators that pollute the air and are costly to run. The solar farm we replaced them with now powers 1500 homes, producing 2.2 megawatts from 26,000sqm of solar panels.”

He honed his commercial skills with a large solar power company in Australia. “The Australian Government subsidises solar schemes. If you’re building a new eco-home, solar power is as important as double-glazing or proper insulation. It should be mandatory for new homes here in New Zealand.”

Ashley returned to his home town of Warkworth, now the base of Super City Solar, servicing Auckland, Rodney, and Northland districts.

The team still takes the odd job overseas, we suspect when they need to tie it in with an island getaway.

Homes, businesses, schools, libraries and industrial installations (not to mention solar farms in Samoa), our work is varied and interesting. And there's a good chance we've done a few jobs similar to yours.

The way we work

To be known in the community for high levels of customer satisfaction, it means every job needs to be completed to the same high standard. We get things done, and we are respectful of your premises.

Our installing, testing and commissioning checklist is one example of how we ensure our workmanship is top notch. There’s a number of checks we run on every job, and they cover both solar and electrical aspects. From the obvious checks on your inverter and operating current, to your hot water, and even checking all screws (even if we didn’t touch them), we leave your place confident you’ll have a system that’s giving you the best possible outcome for your investment. Even correctly labelling components is one of those small things that just has to be done right.